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Maintenance Technician - A Shift

United States
Work Location:
Sanford/Precision Forming
North Carolina
05 Aug 2021
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About The Opportunity
Maintenance Technicians directly support the entire production organization by performing all tasks required to maintain, upgrade and rebuild existing equipment, and also obtain new equipment used in the manufacturing of the products at the facility.
Key Responsibilities
  • To develop, justify, design, carry out and evaluate improvements to processes and equipment and document all changes.

  • Upgrade the existing electrical/mechanical electronic manufacturing process’ equipment for cost savings, quality, safety (code requirements), or requested design changes.

  • Support engineering activities as assigned by the maintenance manager and project managers

  • Responsible for escalating problems or issues that may prevent them from supporting the production efforts in assigned area.

  • Monitors the recording of daily performance (i.e. downtime, work performed, etc.), insuring that all documentation is correct and complete prior to end of shift.

  • Works with the Team to determine their training needs and reviews any training plans with their Supervisor.

  • Provides training to the Team Members (machine operators and/or skill support) as Maintenance SME.

  • Attends pre and post shift meetings to cover daily requirement, priorities, equipment issues when necessary.

  • Verifies parts order information is correct, tracks parts delivery, insures parts are installed as soon as received and documentation is complete. Keeps supervisor informed on parts order information.

  • Ensures housekeeping activities (5S, TPM…) have been performed satisfactorily and report any issue to the Supervisor, also supports 5S activities within the Maintenance Department

  • To serve as project manager for cell rearrangement and new installations and order parts needed for successful process and equipment upgrades.

  • To learn and develop leading edge technology for cell implementation.

  • Give troubleshooting support to manufacturing (machine operators) and maintenance (skills support) personnel when required.

  • Responsible for the timely and accurate completion of all PM on assigned equipment. Perform all levels of PMs, and also perform basic repairs. Carry out preventative maintenance tasks as needed on the control circuits of equipment

  • Develops, documents and implements PM procedures.  Performs failure analysis activities and all major PM’s according to specifications.

  • Responsible to perform all high level routine maintenance assigned within capabilities, and to assist other maintenance technicians (skill support) in performance of their duties. This will also be considered on the job training for advancement.

  • Required to be actively involved, showing progress, in the maintenance training/advancement program.

  • Abides by and adheres to safety policy throughout the plant.  Actively participates in improving or identifying safety issues throughout the plant.  Commonly performs routine safety audits. 

  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of safety and environmental policies and procedures and be able to recognize potential safety hazards. 

  • Employee has an active role in the team and contributes to the team by identifying and adhering to the team’s standards and norms.  At times, the    team member may lead team discussions or activities.  Helps create an atmosphere that fosters teamwork and other attributes needed to achieve the team’s goals.  Help resolve and avoid conflict.

  • Develop action plans and training plans for equipment specific training.  Help train/ develop other mechanics / electricians (skill support employees) as assigned.

  • Help develop plans to increase through-put, or reduce cost in: Tooling, Scrap, Machine reliability, Process Capability, Staffing, Floor space.

  • Technical lead for specific equipment.  Provide team member and technical support on cross-functional problem solving teams.   

  • Develop process flows, or Standard Operational Procedures (SOP's) for assigned equipment.  Define continuous improvement activities. 

  • Develop drawings and support documents needed to operate manufacturing or facility equipment.

  • Verify and write PM's, Spare parts list, and other documents that support TPM activities.  Familiarity with common problem solving techniques such as DOE, Ishikawa Diagrams, 5 Y's, Shanin, and 8D.

  • Help define equipment requirements, cycle times, TPM components, upgrades, and common components.  Initiate rebuild details and quotes. 

  • Identify opportunities for improvement, or new technologies for the current process.  May add input into packaging, material flow, or logistics of material flow.  Can help define / assess ergonomic issues.

  • Must understand the manufacturing scheduling system and react accordingly. 

  • Act as a technical expert, or knowledge expert in problem solving techniques.  Facilitate group discovery sessions in helping to identify root-cause.  As an individual contributor, identify problems that exist inter - intra plant, and devise solutions.  Drive problem solving solutions to closure.  Document, gather data, and use trend analysis to identify root cause.

  • Train new employees and required to perform advanced level functions including preventive maintenance functionality. Function as the key trainer and trouble shooter for all machine operations changeover tooling. 

  • Demonstrate full knowledge of process trouble shooting, preventive maintenance, change management procedures, gauging techniques, and perform all quality functionality. 

  • Performing  all electrical engineering tasks required to troubleshoot, maintain and upgrade all existing equipment

  • Verifying if all new equipment or rebuilt equipment meets GKN’s predetermined requirements  prior to starting production

  • Taking ownership of assigned projects and driving them to completion while working independently or as part of a team.

  • Developing engineering solutions to eliminate repetitive equipment/process failures

  • Provide Hands on support in troubleshooting, repairing & modifying mechanical/electrical issues

  • Supports the development of electrical equipment specification, coordination of equipment runoffs, installation of equipment, production “Ramp-Ups” and management of outside contractors

  • Access and Maintain the change of PLC programs with historical programming notes and comments on the GKN intranet

  • Work closely with all levels of the organization for equipment and process improvements

  • Developing engineering solutions to eliminate repetitive equipment/process failures

  • Develop and deliver training for all technical resources on existing and new equipment

  • Be responsive, flexible and dedicated to support production needs & priorities of the facility

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