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Master Thesis - “Development of Complexity Metrics for Aero-Engine Structures”

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08 Dec 2018
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About The Opportunity

Aero-engine designs are becoming increasingly complex and the complexity is reflected on engine components as well. Every step in the development contributes to complexity, often causing a cumulative increase. For managing complexity, a quantitative metric for complexity is necessary which lets products in the same class to be compared, benchmarked and evaluated based on the increase or decrease in complexity. In systems engineering and engineering design, various structural/design complexity metrics are suggested for quantitative comparisons. This thesis should on focus on improving and integrating an in-house metric for use within GKN’s product development programs.

Assignment Description

The thesis will focus on

  • Investigations within the product development and research organizations to understand the origins and contributing factors to structural/design complexity for GKN’s engine components
  • Literature review on complexity metrics and mathematical modelling of structural/design complexity
  • Evaluation and improvement of existing practice to generate complexity metrics
  • Integration of the metric into automated engineering design systems
Key Responsibilities
  • Final year M.Sc. students in Mechanical or Aerospace engineering 
  • The student should be capable of taking initiatives on their own, especially while gathering data
  • Interest in mathematical modelling and programming
  • Knowledge of structural mechanics simulation is beneficial
  • GKN would prefer if the student(s) can perform most of the work on site at the R&T organization in Trollhättan
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