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About The Opportunity

Ariane Group, our customer for Vulcain2 turbines, Vulcain2 NE, Vinci and Swan, is developing next generation launch vehicle this includes developing new engines. The engines are denoted “Prometheus” and for Prometheus GKN will be responsible for the oxygen-methane turbines.

The design work for the Prometheus will be performed at the department ROTORS and will be managed by an Engineer in Charge (EiC)


This job opportunity is about (as EiC) leading the Prometheus design team reaching the goal to develop a brand new turbine with much lower product cost and in shorter development time than in the past. The Challenges are many, technology wise it will be outside known design space, work wise it will be outside normal ways to do things and management wise we want you to manage the team in a effective way and this includes also to interact with our customer faster and hopefully more transparent than in the past.

Everything indicates that most part for the turbine will be produced using Additive Manufacturing, this means that the EiC has to challenge the design team to interact with the manufacturing (one engineering).


To be successful at this position we thing you need to have good ability to structure the work for the team and to keep the planning alive and kicking, you need to be clear with your expectations and continuously give feed-back to the team. You also need good ability to re-think and together with the team find new paths forward. Another thing that feels important is that you together with the team have a good knowledge what´s happening inside GKN, create collaboration with other teams, e.g. at RnT.

Our expectation on you is that you maintain a High Performance Team, where everyone knows the challenges and have the same ultimate goal.

Key Responsibilities

As EiC you are responsible for a lot of things, so it is vital that you have the ability to delegate. You are responsible for the requirement break-down, this includes a balancing between cost, performance, producability. You are responsible for resource planning, planning and carry through internal and external reviews. You will be responsible for reviewing and writing a number of documents. Though remember that this is a demo-program and you also have the responsible to questioning the way we do the work, do we need that kind of report. Moreover as the EiC you are responsible that the learnings and findings we do will be fed back as increased product knowledge at the department.

We think your background is from design engineering working with product development for some years. It is favorable if you have been working in different fields such as analysis, test evaluation, pure design work etc. You should also have some experience from leading a team and some experience from interact with customer and/or suppliers.

As a part of the department ROTORS you are also expected to take initiative improving the way we are doing things.

For further information please contact: Rikard Nedar, 1138

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