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Advanced Machine Operator (Warm Form) B Shift

United States
Work Location:
Sanford/Precision Forming
North Carolina
Advertising End Date:
22 Dec 2019
Job Type:
About The Opportunity
Great opportunity in an advanced machine operator role that will focus on machine operations, process improvement, training, standard work documents, etc. Candidate must be very strong with their technical skillset within the plant and operate machines within a team environment for the purpose of producing quality parts for customers while meeting production schedules in a cost efficient, profitable and safe manner.
Key Responsibilities
  • - Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of all Plant and cell/line safety and environmental policies and procedures and be able to recognize potential safety hazards.

  • - Possess full knowledge of Schuler, or Komatsu.

  • - Operate Schuler, or Komatsu while maintaining standard operating rates / Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with minimum downtime.

  • - Demonstrate full knowledge of autonomous maintenance.

  • - Demonstrate correct gaging techniques and perform all quality verifications within the required standards.

  • - Ensure that all Safety systems designed to protect the operator are functional and are being used. Ensure that Production Management are notified immediately if any system is not functional or is being violated.

  • - Contribute to the achievement of the company’s goals and objectives including budgetary and production goals as defined by the Precision Forming Leadership Team and Production Management Team.

  • - Maintain Heat Lot Integrity and ensure all parts have proper routing documentation.

  • - Maintain proper housekeeping and complete TPM responsibilities.

  • - Ensure that Utilization Sheets and all other daily Production paperwork is completed at each press, including end of shift notes and shift change communication.

  • - Ensure that Process Scrap and Discrepant Materials are handled in accordance with procedure and discrepant materials are dispositioned by the end of the shift with accompanying paperwork.

  • - Interprets stage drawings, (blueprints), job layouts, sketches or verbal instructions, etc., and then processes work to establish proper size, shape, and finish. May be required to analyze and interpret program commands (PLC).

  • - Demonstrate proactive approach to problem solving.  If problem is encountered while running a job, apply proper troubleshooting and ensure it is documented on the utilization sheet in detail.

  • - Monitor quality of product throughout shift operations.

  • - Conduct visual checks of first five parts on each new side of the parts cooling table. Conduct measured checks of parts and verify that parts meet specification requirements as per Dynamic Control Plan.  Record readings on SPC charts as required.

  • - Respond to out of specification or out of statistical control conditions and make machine adjustments as needed.  Record in detail on utilization sheet to be used as for data analysis purpose.

  • - Use any type precision measuring instruments necessary to check and maintain accuracy of results including 1st article inspection using conventional and coordinate measuring equipment.

  • - Sets up and maintains his/her own work, determining proper settings of all process parameters relative to the warm form processes.

  • - Train partner / others to perform more complex warm form operations.

  • - Makes all adjustments, either electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical or mechanical while insuring the maximum utilization of the machine capabilities concerning quantity and quality of warm formed extrusions.

  • - Uses all tools, jigs, and special equipment associated with warm form machine operations including grinders, polishing, torque wrenches, set-up adjustment, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting both product and machine faults and other machine and process adjustments.

  • - Knows significant environmental aspects of the job and the related operational controls.

Qualifications / Experience / Skills


    - Good motor skills, hand dexterity, ability to stand for long periods, walk, stoop, kneel and move/push +40 lbs and good or corrected vision and hearing.

    - High School Diploma or GED.

    - Certified WF Basic OJT, in addition to one year WF experience.

    - Currently serving in a WF operator position.

    - Certify in Advance OJT.
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