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Machine Ops Applying - B Shift

United States
Work Location:
North Carolina
Advertising End Date:
14 Jun 2019
Job Type:
About The Opportunity
Great opportunity to perform and maintain magnetic particle inspection validation, visual inspection validation, and audit of company products and processes as required by company standards. This position is key to ensuring GKN maintains quality standards as required from the customer.
Key Responsibilities
  • Ensure that all Safety systems designed to protect the Quality Inspector are functional and are being used. Ensure that Production Management are notified immediately if any system is not functional or is being violated.
  • Maintain proper housekeeping.
  • Lean Mfg principles and techniques: 5 S, Visual Management, Autonomous Maintenance, Kaizan, Kanban, Lost Time Analysis, Standard Work.
  • Stage drawings and control plans – understand how to read, locate and interpret.
  • Quality Policy/Procedures-Awareness (MRB procedure).
  • To contribute to the achievement of the company’s quality goals and objectives.
  • Accurately perform the inspection process (equipment, operation, calibration, performance and layouts).
  • Clearly Identify all parts and be familiar with common defects.
  • Demonstrate accurate gauging Techniques.
  • Follow all cell documentation and ensure it is accurate and up to date.
  • Analyze quality performance.
  • Apply statistical methods as required.
  • Contribute to design and implementation of Poka yoke.
  • Contribute to equipment design when applicable.
  • Operate under schedule and at capacity.
  • Perform autonomous maintenance of cell equipment as applicable.
  • Perform heat lot integrity and FIFO as applicable.
  • Perform process and product audits as applicable.
  • Prepare package parts for shipment as applicable.
  • Rework, scrap and non-conforming material process-as required.
  • Support inventory and location moves.
  • Follow all material handling techniques and packaging procedures.
  • Use barcode system to complete transactions as applicable.

Qualifications / Experience / Skills

  • 1 - 3 years in a Quality or Inspection role preferred
  • High School diploma
  • Work Key assessment with a minimum of Bronze level achieved
  • Basic computer operation skills
  • Internal employees- discipline less than a level 2
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