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Supply Chain Change Coordinator

United States
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North Carolina
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30 Mar 2019
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About The Opportunity

The Supply Chain Change Coordinator plays a key role in change management, being responsible for and executing all logistics tasks from start to finish within engineering change projects.  They are driving the logistics tasks with customers, suppliers and other departments within GKN to successful closure, and ensures that the production and procurement team can seamlessly take over all responsibilities after changes are completed (D0-D4 Phase) .  In addition, cost control within the budgeted limits are a key task, including quoting the logistics cost of change projects, and changes to the projects in process while ensuring minimal freight costs and minimal obsolescence.

Key Responsibilities
  1. Direct communications between the Project Management and the Supply Chain team, while  leading the department through the stage D process. 

  2. Communicate with Supplier and Customers on projected timelines of material introductions.

  3. Provide On-sight support for Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations, Logistics, and Purchasing in regards to change management.

  4. Develop, utulize, and maintain assessment and ERP tools (Supplier Web, EDI, & SAP), identifying opportunities of improvement in the operational areas of materials management and change control.

  5. Lead suppliers and cross functional teams through logistics development planning and execution in order to facilitate prelaunch and implementation of engineering changes from D0-D4 phase.

  6. Guide and lead suppliers through the change process, setup operational meetings and conference calls with the suppliers; where critical milestone plans, recovery actions, and information is discussed, driven, and reported to appropriate stakeholders.

  7. Develop and assign tasks, create and manage milestones for cross functional team members to drive successful material implementation for plant and division wide changes.  

  8. Lead and conduct routine meetings with internal change management team to ensure strategy, timing, and tasks are performed by assigned champions and milestone dates are met. 

  9. Advises, consults, and makes recommendations to the divisional and plant change management team in regards to supply chain, and implementation strategy.

  10. Conducts transportation cost studies in order to reduce freight costs.

  11. Analyze, develop, and oversee implementation of space allocation, storage requirements, material flow, line-side storage, replenishment, and outbound logistics for new design materials.

  12. Lead BOM review for all pending changes. Identifying discrepencies and drive corrections in SAP.  Own and manage change dates in SAP, updating regulary as implementation dates fluctuate.

  13. Implement all engineering changes with minimal costs in regards to extrodinary freight and obsolescence.

  14. Successfully build and maintain material pipelines for international suppliers, while building appropriate plant safety stocks for domestic suppliers at time of material launch. 

  15. Lead analysis of customer requirement data for integrity, identifying any discrepencies and reporting to the Production Planning team findings.  Communicates customer demand to key stake holders internally (cross-functional change teams) and externally (suppliers) to drive on-time material flow.

  16. Identify any potential supply disruptions during a change project. Build and lead cross-functional team members to tackle potentially complex supply issues, driving own time material flow.

  17. Hand off of material planning function to procurement team members after successful part implementation.  Ensuring that safety stock is in place, BOMS are accurate, accurate forecasts are driven to suppliers, and correct master data is place.


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